Eric Gross - Future Architect

Eric Gross - Future Architect

Beginning in 2001 I wanted to be involved in the construction industry. With my father working as a construction worker, he would often take me to the job site and allow me to "help" him with everything. I wanted to work as a construction worker as well, until he ended up hurting his back. He was completely devastated about his injury that he couldn't work as a construction worker any longer. He decided to go back to school and learn drafting. If he could no longer build it, he would draw it.

At this time I began to excel in computers at school, helping my teachers with anything they needed done, creating spreadsheets, documents, teaching my fellow classmates what to do with certain programs.  While he was learning programs like AutoCAD I learned with him. We would sit down together and he taught me everything I needed to know for drafting. It was exciting to see how the plans and everything that he use to show me for constructing a building when he was in construction were actually drawn. As such I wanted to try and follow his footsteps and signed up for a drafting course in middle school. This class, unfortunately did not teach me anything that I did not learn from my father. So I continued in high school, in architecture, not just drafting. And with this I knew what I wanted to do.

In my freshman year at Foothill High School I worked with several people who were several years ahead of me in school, juniors and seniors. They had learned how to use this amazing program that built 3D buildings called Revit. I learned everything about Revit simply looking at their buildings that they created in Revit and trying to mimic some of the things that they had done. Working through school I became one of the top designers from my high school. In the three years that I entered this local high school design competition, sophomore-senior years, I ended up designing two winning Master Site Plans, in a school that did not specialize in architecture, drafting or design. I ended up doing this by learning Revit on my own by following my predecessors examples.

Entering UNLV, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I had an expectation that I knew what to do as far as design, but I have never been so wrong. I have expanded my design options through my experiences at UNLV, creating many objects that I have never thought were possible. working through UNLV from 2009-2013, I became a great designer, and exceptional student. Not only did I go through the architecture school at UNLV as well as the Honors College in order to better my education, and become the best that I can be. In 2013 I was awarded the Jane and Robert Fielden Medal for Academic Excellence in Architecture Undergraduate Studies. This is from hard work and dedication to the field of design in architecture.

I now embark on my next journey, towards pursuing a Masters degree at UNLV, working alongside Professor Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez as his Graduate Assistant. This opportunity will allow me to further expand my mind in the field of sustainable developments in design and location. I know that this opportunity is one in a lifetime opportunity and am glad to have been granted this to further my goal of becoming a leader in sustainable design and development in cities around the world.