I'm Dead

I, on October 28, 2012, have died in Las Vegas due to a Zombie Attack in Sunset Park. This is the result that happened to about 90% of those who participated in the annual Zombie Run that occurs in Las Vegas and many other cities throughout the country. This is an event that people participate in where runners have fun doing what they normally do, in this case run a 5 Kilometer run or a 1 Mile Fun Run. Instead of doing just a normal run on the sidewalks or in the streets like that of the marathons or other running events. In this event those who set up the event advertised largely on local news organizations, radio, even with the internet, and this lead to a large, sold-out event in Sunset Park. Event staff had coordinated a large running route through the park on the normal walking trail. But before I go through the details of how this normal park were transformed into this zombie apocalypse I must first explain what the Zombie Run really is.

The Zombie Run is not a normal 5K run that many of those who do road running. In this run you go through the course wearing 3 flags and these flags represent your health as a "survivor." Throughout the course there are people, volunteers, who act as zombies that try to "kill" you by taking your flags. After the entire 5K if you have any one of those 3 flags still on your belt then you are considered alive and a true survivor. If you lose all 3 flags throughout the run then you are considered part of the undead and are now a zombie yourself. This doesn't mean that you can go after other runners though, only the volunteers can kill the runners. I unfortunately did not survive with all 3 flags and had lost them to the hundreds of zombies scattered on the course.

So what does this event mean? It means that large groups of people with common interests, in this case running, can take over a space for any given time. Large groups of people, in this case volunteers, set up a course that guide people through the route and then partake in the event helping those that are entered in the Run, but in this case trying to "kill" them. But the bigger thing that I was looking for was how the actual space could accommodate the event, and in this case it already had the space for parking, for the running track, for sponsor tents, and for volunteer organization. This was complex yet quite detailed as I, a participant, did not have to once ask what was going on or where to go to start or to follow the route. So this event was a huge success for the volunteers and for the participants, although the majority of those who were running became part of the undead.