Taken for Granted

UNLV Lied Library is something that a majority of the students take for granted. We go in, find a place to study, or go and find the book that we need without really noticing the library itself. I had this epiphany that this space is spectacular when I brought o friend to the very same library that I simply ignore. I asked my friend to document what he thought was interesting or spectacular about the central library for all of the UNLV students, and this is what he had to say.


When one thinks of a library, what comes to mind? The first obvious answer is books. The second answer may be silence. The third answer may be solitude. Obviously, a successful library encompasses all three of these features into one, so as to better serve a patron on his visit. The Lied Library at UNLV does all this, and more. With a massive five-story layout, an automated search & retrieval system, and near-completely silent reading rooms, it serves as a bastion of knowledge for any intrepid seeker of information.

My visit to the Lied Library was one filled with curiosity. Having never been to such a large facility before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The local library where I lived was adequate, albeit a tad small. Books as far back as the seventies graced its shelves alongside a handful of twenty-first century tomes. It wasn’t much, but it was pleasant. Oh what a surprise the Lied Library turned out to be then. At first glance, I couldn’t believe the entire building was the library itself; thinking perhaps that the Library was instead one section of a much larger building. I was stunned to see that I was wrong and that the whole building was all one part, a massive five-story complex dedicated to books and research. After being flabbergasted at the entrance I simply had to step inside. Being a bookworm, I’ve always enjoyed the sight of new books I’ve yet to read, even if I myself would never read them in my life. To see five-stories of shelves filled with hundreds of thousands of books was almost, breathtaking. Needless to say I would have spent the better half, or more, of a day just wandering the halls, picking out things of interest until I couldn’t carry anymore. I hadn’t stayed long in that first visit, but I vowed to return; and return I did! Armed with a camera, I was tasked with taking pictures of interest of the library, an assignment I was more than willing to fill. Spending a good couple hours roaming the facility, I snapped well over two dozen pictures of every part that caught my eye. When it was time to leave I bid the place of wonder adieu, thinking of when I might return.

Looking back, it would have behooved me to ask if I could check out books and return them to just about any college library, not just there. After all, my CSN card worked there so why couldn’t I return the books to my local Henderson Campus? I’ll have to make a note to remember to do so whenever I return to the Lied Library. In short, I can’t think of any place larger or more wondrous when it comes to books; however, given some of the Universities and Colleges across the US, I’m fairly certain I’ve only scratched the surface. The grounds of Higher Learning hold many things, and among them, massive libraries a home to their very key forms of education and study. One day, I’ll be sure to witness another, much larger home for books, but until then my little local library will have to suffice.

-Written by Anthony J. Meza, Journalism Major at CSN