Construction: Pain vs. Pleasure

Construction of a public space can sometimes be dangerous, in order to make it safe for the public. Constructing our idea of cubes, even that of the most simplest form, our comment cube, sometimes hurts. During the construction of the large white cube for people to write and draw on the two students, including myself, had much pain in moving it as a completed product, as well as materials for the construction. Moving all of the plywood, all of the wood, everything including the finished product from one site to another was difficult and painful.

Figuring out the construction of the final product was also difficult and painful, almost like a political process. There are many different ways in order to construct a single white cube such that there is no single part of it that could harm the public. As a person who had built cabinets before I knew how to build many different "boxes" out of just plywood or particleboard so I was essentially the one who needed to design and construct this box. now considering that this box was for the outside and for the large public to use I needed to construct this box differently in order to ensure myself as well as those in my class that it would not fall apart in any way. With this I needed to add 2x4 studs as a sub-frame, and then attach the plywood to this frame. This made it strong, but at the same time very heavy. But this heaviness may be good to make sure the public cannot move it very easily, but difficult for us.

The construction was difficult and painful, but it was all worth it as long as the public is not harmed and will completely enjoy the public space. If the public likes the space and uses it then the pain that we receive now will mean that the public will not receive any pain, but rather pleasure.