Demographic Design

These two designs for a Park(ing) Day installation are located at two different sites that we, as a class, have deemed to be great places to possibly have the installation at. The first place is on Bonneville near the Regional Transit Hub for the downtown area, a place that has a large amount of people located at for public transportation, and on 3rd in front of the Clark County Courthouse. These two spaces I have designed for two different demographics, one for those that view public transportation at a high level, and the other towards a more political view. As such these two designs focus more on movement or for stationary use.

This first one is for the Bonneville site and is a place to encourage different types of public transportation to coexist in the same space, bicyclists and pedestrians. This may provoke people to use the space in a safer way, and allow people to understand what those from the other group are concerned about. i know I would feel safer walking if those riding a bike would slow down, and I would feel safer riding a bike if I was further away from vehicular traffic. So by bringing these two groups together to discuss the same space we could make public transportation safer.

This second space is in front of the courthouse and as such I would want those inside to come outside more often, so providing shade is a key issue to bring people outside. This shade device not only provides shade, but also influences how people move around the space, to get to a seat perhaps and become stationary outside. I would like to see people eat outside in a public space like that of this space.

These two designs are very different and provoke an exchange of ideas based on the demographics of the people in the vicinity of these spaces. So the ideas of each are dramatically different, but are catered to those that are around the space the most, but they are both intended to bring about a discussion of how public space can be used throughout a city, not just in one localized space.