Legalities in Liability

I don't seem to understand exactly how a class project that is required for a grade for a class that is offered by UNLV is not sponsored by UNLV. This Park(ing) Day installation that we have to build to help people understand public space has to go through a permit process in order for it to legally be installed. One of these requirements in the process is to be insured, which would essentially be through UNLV. But unfortunately the school doesn't quite seem to understand that fact and possibly won't insure the installation, and therefore the permit won't be passed. Since this installation is all about raising people's awareness of public space in a downtown urban environment this needs to go through the permit process, to demonstrate that this type of public space can be built in urban space legally. If it is not then some people may question the validity of public urban space and thus not fully understand how this could be built in a city like Las Vegas. So UNLV needs to understand that we need their support in order for this to be understood as relevant to the public's needs.