Weather on the Horizon

With Park(ing) Day looming just around the corner, one thing that concerns me is the weather. This is something that in Las Vegas that could be a problem, and suddenly. As we who live in Las Vegas found out just last week when it rains, it pours. This is something that must be addressed, but not to a large extent. Considering that we are only taking up a single parking spot we really don't have to worry about water on our installation. What we have to worry about though is the water around it.

With this Friday being Park(ing) Day It seems that the weather is starting to cool off, so the major worry about heat isn't as much of a concern as it would have been if this even were earlier in the year. As such it seems that the major concern that we have is on the water, and if it may or may not rain. By looking at the past five years I have seen a pattern that on the day of our Park(ing) Day installation there is a drop in temperature, but that is because of cloud cover. With cloud cover there comes the chance of rain. So this may mean that there will need to be some sort of raised platform that can allow water to run underneath the installation.

So by using a raised platform we can have a large amount of water run underneath our Park(ing) Day installation without causing any of the patrons that would be on or around the installation. This raised platform would also allow us to be ADA accessible from the sidewalk, which is where everyone would essentially use the installation. So this is an ideal solution for us, as long as we have a way to allow the water to run underneath efficiently.