Park(ing) Day 2012

Friday September 21, 2012, International Park(ing) Day was a success. As part of the DDC Urban Design Studio it was a major milestone in understanding what the public views as it's needs for public space. We had people anywhere from 2-70 years of age giving us feedback on what was necessary to brighten up everyone's day, by adding an open public space in the downtown urban environment of Las Vegas. By creating a small scale town square, or as I like to call it town cubed because of all the cubes we introduced in the park, we were able to see what people thought they needed in an open space, as well as how they interacted with each other based on the environment.

Without anyone in the space it was difficult to have people become drawn into the space to even experience it, but as soon as people were there, even if it was us as students, people became more attracted to the space and started asking questions. It seemed that the people were generally confused as to what we were doing there. We had to explain over and over what we were doing in a parking space with a bunch of palettes lying around. The general public couldn't understand why this was possibly important, but it was. After explaining to them what we were trying to accomplish they became more open and expressive of their ideas, even writing/drawing all over the comment cube that was constructed for the park. This cube was to include every idea that was thought of throughout the day as to what could be done to Las Vegas in a open town square.

So by creating this environment for people to give feedback as to what needs to be added to the downtown Las Vegas area we were able to elicit the help of the public to share their ideas with us. But the biggest thing besides having the public give us direct feedback was in seeing how people reacted around the space. We need to make the space enjoyable as well as understandable otherwise no one will even consider utilizing the space.