Through the site at Mojave National Preserve lies a railway that once fostered life throughout the desert. Each train that passed by meant growth and prosperity. It can still be interpreted as sch today, but as a growing mind like mine looks at some of these trains, it makes me cry. Why you may ask; because what I see is destruction of our environment. I see problems that need to be fixed. I see continued use of resources that we know are damaging our planet. I see a coal train that is transporting fossil fuels that will release tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. I see this.

This pains me in every way possible. I cannot fathom how we, humanity, use this much polluting fossil fuel, and yet I know that I am contributing towards the use of this filthy material. I know that even though I wish not to use coal, I have no choice but to. I am using it now just to inform you of what I saw. And yet it still hurts to use it.