Electricity Emissions Rise

Well this is amazing and something that I had thought was completely different. Yes the total amount of carbon emissions released with electricity production is increasing. Even though there are increased production of renewable energies and the reduction of coal fired power generation, there is still an overall increase in carbon emissions.

Yet, what I had thought was a trend in the amount of electricity usage in the household turns out to be wrong. With the increase in gadgets that fit within the home there would be a reasonable assumption that there would be an increase in the amount of electricity used per household. Also with the increase in the size of the average household, as far as square footage, there should be an increase in electricity usage. It may not be as steep as the increase in size, but it should theoretically increase. That apparently is wrong. Even with these increases, there has been a decrease.

The overall picture though shows that yes the individual is becoming more efficient, but as a society we are still increasing the amount of carbon produced in the United States. This means that we must still reduce our consumption, and become more efficient.